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オフィス PC  机 椅子 コピー機 植物

Project 2024: We constantly seek innovative products for European and Asian Markets.



►Our services:


1) Business coordination

Our team has extensive knowledge of both Eastern and Western business cultures. We provide comprehensive support to help you launch your innovative products and technologies in Europe and Asia.


2) Business Advisory

Our consultation and marketing services can help you launch your business in Europe and Asia.


3) Outsourcing

We also act as a local liaison office for your important clients in these regions.

►Please see our achievements below.


1) Business Coordination

​Escal S.A. (France), Global Wine AG (Switzerland), JVC (Japan), ​METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland), Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland), Rkugai Institute (Japan), Sefar Inc. (Switzerland), Siemens AG (the Netherlands), SPECTROsolutions AG (Switzerland), Swatch AG (Switzerland), Tamedia AG (Switzerland), WAGNER (Germany) etc...


2) Market Research

Disetronic AG (Ypsomed Holding: ​Switzerland /Swiss Exchange SWX listed enterprise), STEWO AG (Switzerland) etc...

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